2pcs Car Daytime Running Led Outdoor
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2pcs Universal Car Wind Power Daytime Running Light, 8 LED Light External Fog Lights are Used for Car Driving Assist Light Accessories, Auto LED Daytime Running Lights for General Purpose Vehicle (Colour: Blue, Red).

HSN: 87089900


Volumetric Weight: 83.33gm

Package Dimension: 13*8*2cm

Color: Blue-Red


Bullet Points:

  • The wind-driven daytime running lamp adopts ABS+ Electroplated mirror, which greatly improves the durability and is not afraid of bad weather. Which are environmentally friendly, energy-saving and have a long service life.
  • The daytime running lights consist of 8 high brightness LEDs, which are environmentally friendly and energy saving, green energy, long working life.helping you to drive safely.
  • No wiring is required, and the wind energy generated during driving is used. When the vehicle speed reaches 40 yards, the air flow drives the wind blades to generate electric energy to make the product glow.
  • The faster the speed, the brighter the light. When the wind speed is not enough, the motor cannot be driven to generate electricity, and the light will not be on.
  • Waterproof and universal: Wind fog lights are waterproof, light weight, overall design small size, suitable for cars, trucks, SUVs, etc. It can not only decorate your car, but also ensure travel safety and avoid unnecessary traffic accidents.

Wind power daytime running LED light: This product improves the brightness of all customers while driving at night. Vital on dark evenings or during harsh weather conditions, your headlights are the key to lighting the way.

Not only do they make the road a safer place for you to drive on, they also ensure others can see you at a distance. When your headlights break, they need to be fixed as soon as possible.The decent size and design give an excellent appearance.

Waterproof: Fully sealed with solid die-cast plastic housing & a rubber pad inside for an excellent waterproof performance.

180 ° Rotation: Simple installation, back glue without trace, not easy to fall off, you can rotate 180 °, find a suitable angle installation

Efficient heat dissipation: Efficient cooling fins and large heat-dissipation area allows light bar to cool down quickly after long time working.

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